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Product name 


Packaging size (kg)

Total quanity 

Production Year 

Bermocoll E 320 X (ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose) Bag 20 360 2007
Linseed Oil Boiled (Linolja Kokt) IBC  920 5520 2014
Methyldiethanolamine (MDEOA, 2,2'-metyliminodietanol) IBC  1050 4200 2012
Rapsolja IBC 900 kg (Rapeseed Oil) IBC  900 900 2012
Oilremover (Cold degreaser) Can 20 60 2011
BC 2153 Dimethicone Copolyol (Silicone emulsion, modified) Can 25 150 2012


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