Meeting environmental demands with customized formulations

We offer you the knowledge and experience you need to successfully meet new demands

Today, consumers and legislators put great pressure on companies to become more environmentally friendly, and the GREEN trend is one of the most obvious trends. To be able to meet new environmental demands and legislative requirements it is important to have the right knowledge when formulating. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in this process.

We offer you the following services;


  • Assist you when formulating
  • Assist you in the process of optimizing your formulations
  • Provide you with alternative formulations for different applications


  • Provide you with the knowledge you need about surfactants and their functions
  • Provide you with alternatives to standard surfactants products

Lab assistance

  • Assist you in the process of developing formulations customized for your application, as well as optimizing formulations in terms of function and environmental aspects
  • Provide you with suggestions of surfactants to your formulations and applications 


  • Provide you with the knowledge you need to adjust your formulations to meet the requirements of eco-labels such as the Nordic Svan, Svepet, Naturskyddsföreningen and EU Blomman etc.

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