Our portfolio of surfactants delivers effective cleaning solutions, consisting of; Nonionics surfactants, Co-surfactants hydrotrope, Speciality surfactant blends, Amphoteric surfactants, Cationics and Anionic surfactants.




AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry offers a robust portfolio of surface active agents and intermediates for formulations of cleaning solutions


Cleaning Applications

Narrow range ethoxylates

Berol Surfboost AD15

Surface Chemistry

Choice of hydro trope

Berol R648 NG Berol ENV 226 Plus

Choice of hydro trope


Berol R648 NG

Berol LS


Berol LS



Enaspol is one of the leading European producers of surfactants and chemical auxiliaries with long experience in production as well as research. 

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Solaster Production offers surface active blends for formulations of cleaning solutions.

Sol Cleaners Products



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