Happy Easter 2019

Published 2019-04-16

Published 2019-04-12

Formulation School 2019

We have successfully finalized formulation school 2019!

Doo-Ho Choi is joining the AmphoChem team.

We would like to welcome you to the Formulation School 2019.

Date: April 10-11, be sure to save the date!

Location: Comfort Hotel Göteborg, check out the location here

Your partner in essential chemistry for a sustainable future

No 1 on Dow Jones Sustainability Index, 2017

No 1 at the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project),2017

Thank you...

Published 2018-02-01

for your participation in AmphoChem’s customer satisfaction survey 2017

Our personal care portfolio continues to grow with products from Citróleo, a 100% Brazilian company.

The distribution right is for the following markets: Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

Zuplex Botanicals new partner with in Personal care

The personal care product portfolio is now expanding with Asta Technologies, Ltd.s unique natural polysaccharides used for the cosmetic industry.

Learn more about the Memory Gel Thixotropic from ADEKA

Avian flu outbreak in Skåne

Published 2016-12-01

Avian influenza virus has been identified in Skåne, Jordbruksverket has announced biosafety level 2.  Jordbruksverket  

Poultry farming disinfection for avian flu: Halamid® a strong virucide and bactericide.

On the 31st of August 2016 AmphoChem has signed an agreement to acquire Medical Log Point AB (MLP).

Triameen Y12D a highly effective biocidal amine with broad spectrum microbiocidal properties

Read more about Triameen Y12D here ..

Chatarina Schneider will take over the role as CEO for the AmphoChem group, including AmphoChem AB, Temper Technology, BGM logistic and the subsidiaries outside Sweden.

Successful customer seminar i Kyiv

Published 2016-04-08

Click here to read more about our customer seminar in Kyiv

Happy Easter 2016

Published 2016-03-22

Customer Seminar i Kyiv

Published 2016-03-14

On the 23d of March

Cationic Surfactant Thickeners

Published 2016-02-19

Are you seraching for effective thickeners?

Look no further, our cationic  thickeners are effective across the whole pH range for enhanced product performance plus staibility in chlorine and hydrogen peroxide bleach.  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Published 2015-12-17



Formulation School 2.0 finale

Published 2015-11-04

The second and final day of the Formulation School has come to an end. 

Kicking off Formulation School 2.0

Published 2015-11-03

The event we all have been waiting for, has finally arrived. Lectures and mingle at Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel. 

Narrow Range Ethoxylates

Published 2015-11-02

Are you in need of meeting environmental demands with efficient and sustainable cleaning formulations?